I sew hijabs starting from 2010-2011. In most cases for myself. And starting from 2012 I share my experience with you.

My first “Hijab sewing” tutorials I published in another blog (it existed only in Russian) and I closed it long time ago. Then I opened my first site helikastyle.com, which was growing and now I have this HelikaStyle Empire.
More about this site you can read on the Home page, and on this page I put overview of sewing tutorials specifically for Hijab topic. See below.

I hope that my effort will be useful for you!

Please do not forget to follow our rules of the site conent  (when you sew for yourself or for selling) using and sharing. For all who are willing to support this project and participate in its elaboration and perfection there is such possibility:

DzhazakiLlahu hairan!

HelikaStyle and hijabs. Personal experience. Recommendations and ideas

There are hijabs I’ve designed. There are hijabs I’ve enhanced. There are problems, which had to be solved ASAP for myself and sisters. All in this section!


All about fabrics for islamic clothing

What kind of fabric to choose and how to calculate its cunsumption when you sew hijab. Get information in this section!


Underscarves sewing tutorials

Series of the sewing tutorials for underscarves, bonnets, inner caps


Al-Amira Hijabs sewing

Series of the sewing tutorials for Al-Amira Hijabs.


Khimars and Jilbabs sewing

Series of the sewing tutorials for khimars, jilbabs, izdals, overhead abayas, etc.


Abayas and Islamic dresses tutorials

Series of the sewing tutorials for islamic dresses, abayas, kaftans, dresses for praying, etc.


Islamic pants sewing

Harem Pants, Aladdin pants and trousers to wear under abaya. All are here!