Here is a collection of most detailed sewing tutorials for Al-Amira hijabs and other islamic hoods and bonnets. Please see below the content of the series.

Al-Amira hijab is  “Princess hijab”, it was invented in Syria.
There are two types of this hijab: two-pieces hijab (an underscarf and a hood) and one-piece hijab (a hood with a visor). There is also Tudong/Tudung. These names came from Malay – same type of hijab but usually very bright and much decorated. These kinds of hoods can be sewn very wide and long so you will get a khimar. One disadvantage of such hijabs is not covered under-chin area.
To solve this point one more feature was invented – to sew on a triangle piece of jersey in the front side and then hijab can be also used as hiqab. This enhancement seems aslo was done in Syria, but I read that the name of it  can be “Iranian al-Amira” or “Full coverage al-Amira”.

We will not sew useless models that covers less that needed. Below you will find available already sewing tutorials. Sew with me!

Key recommendations:

  • Al-Amira and similar hijabs are always sewn from knit fabric or jersey. I recommend viscose jersey having 6-8% of elastan. Choose best quality jersey to wear your lovely hijab longer time.
  • If you do not have overlock or coverstitch machines, just follow these advices: click me
  • Jersey fabric must not be used for bias-cut garments! So these hijab should always be cut along lengthwise grain or crosswise grain if you have bi-stretch jersey
  • And finally you should apply delicate care methods to clear you hijabs. Again this will extend lifecycle you the garment.

Although we have already many types of hijabs this one still alive. It is comfortable for sport activities and for young ladies.